Samsung Galaxy S3 Skips Biggest iPhone Blunder, Shows How To Hold It

We can all remember when the iPhone 4 was launched and the disappointment with the signal disappearing and Steve Jobs telling us we were holding the phone wrong before then backing down and providing consumers with a bumper case. Well according to DroidLife, Samsung are avoiding copying them with the release of the Galaxy S3 by showing owners where the antenna lies and explaining why you shouldn’t cover it from the get-go.

Samsung Galaxy S3 tries to avoid iPhone 4 antennagate issue before it gets out of hand

There is a clear picture of the phone with the main antenna being circled in red with an exclamation mark and the words “Ensure that you are not blocking the internal antenna of the device”. It goes on to say that touching the antenna may result in a reduction of call quality.

The main antenna spans the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and with a screen size of 4.8 inches there is plenty of room to hold the phone without having to worry about holding it right at the bottom and it would actually be very awkward to hold it there. However you have been warned; don’t hold it at the bottom or your signal strength could suffer.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most anticipated Android smartphones of 2012 with its 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD screen, 8 megapixel camera with zero shutter lag and quad core processor. I don’t think many will complain about the antenna being located at the bottom or even care, as they will be too busy putting their new handset through it paces. Protection Status