All New iPhone 5, Same Old Price?

The new iPhone 5 is expected to launch with iOS 6 preloaded sometime later this year. In addition to LTE, it is expected to sport a faster processor and 4G LTE connectivity, all without a price change reports PopHerald.

iPhone 5 may keep same price tag

The blog points out that nothing has actually been confirmed by Apple and are instead based on analyst reports. This one in particular is from Gene Munster’s table, who states that the latest iPhone 5 will be a representation of the biggest electronics launch of 2012 and there will be no price change due to stiff competition.

It is rumored that Apple will control and maintain the cost of the iPhone 5 on contract in the US so wireless carriers will not be allowed to offer cheaper iPhone models. We’ve already seen this with current and past iPhone models where all carriers stick to the same base starting price point of $199 on contract.

Carriers to rely on data plans & coverage to attract iPhone 5 fans

However carriers of the iPhone 5 will be able tailor data plan prices even if they cannot change the price of the phone itself. Analysts are saying that if the phone comes with LTE, Verizon will have the edge over competitors thanks to them having much wider LTE coverage. It is also thought that Sprint will be able to offer customers attractive data plans on LTE due to being the only carrier still talking up unlimited data plans.

Given that the latest string of 4G LTE smartphones landing on Verizon automatically started with $299 on-contract price tags, it would be refreshing to see the iPhone 5 retain something from the past that we like – an affordable entry price tag.

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