Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits North America June 20, Samsung Tries & Hide Proof?

Is June 20th the day the Samsung Galaxy S3 will first set foot in North America? The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt the most wanted phone in the range of Android devices that have ever been made. Canadians, as have the rest of the world, have been eagerly waiting for the release date on every carrier. Could it be that the wait will finally be over on June 20th?

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for Canada pegged as June 20?

Last week MobileSyrup announced that on 30th May Samsung would be touring retail outlets in Canada to give employees interactive training sessions on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Since then there has been rumors abound regarding the launch date of the handset with one of them being 20th June.

This would actually fit in as Samsung have been advertising in the official press release that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be out in time for summer. As it happens June 20th is the official first day of summer. If this is true the long wait is almost over. Both Best Buy and Future Shop have confirmed that they will be stocking the phone and it will be available as soon as it is launched. They have also said that customers are able to pre-order the handset from 30th May. No word yet unfortunately about a Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date.

Update: Mobilesyrup has just updated the posting on their website saying they had been asked to take down the photo of the phone they had provided with the report of the launch date. Could this be an indication that the report is true? Luckily we have a copy of that picture for you to see below.


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