New iPad Nano Shows Up In Official Securities Document

The New iPad 3 continues Apple’s unchallenged reign over the tablet market. While we’ve seen many Android tablets (and even BlackBerry) proclaimed as ‘iPad killers’, none of them have managed to dent Apple’s sales records. Now Apple may have plans to further expand the gap between its iPad and other tablets on the market by expanding its lineup.

iPad nano to join New iPad 3 by the end of the year

It appears that an official Samsung Securities document has made its way on to the Web and with it revealed the plans of one of their biggest clients, Apple. The OLED-Display blog has just published the official document which in one of its many pages confirms the upcoming release of a 7-inch Apple tablet that dubbed the iPad Mini (what we’ve been seeing in rumors as the iPad nano so far).

Now obviously this doesn’t have to be the official name since Samsung is likely just producing the 7-inch displays for the upcoming iPad “Mini” just as they have in the past with other iPad components and don’t know more than this. The document however does mention plans for the third quarter, which suggests that we won’t be hearing about this smaller iPad from Apple at the iPad 3 event tomorrow.

The lengthy document mentions improved resolutions and even the possibility of using flexible panels. As for the iPad 3,the plans are to “use higher resolution IPS panels.”

Now despite this being an official Samsung document, we would still have to take this information with a grain of salt until we can get confirmation from Apple. We’ve reached out to our Apple PR and have received no comment so far. We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Have a good weekend.

source: OLED-Display, Samsung document

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