Samsung Galaxy Note II: Enough Said

This year, Samsung has managed to capture the spotlight with its upcoming Galaxy S3 model. Outshining just about every smartphone on the market right now, it is scheduled to arrive in the US sometime this summer and with it, keep Samsung as the world’s top smartphone manufacturer

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks well equipped to take on the likes of the HTC One X, DROID Incredible 4G LTE and just about any other flagship Android smartphone other manufacturers have planned for 2012, it may have one upcoming Android that could eat its sales in the long run judging by current consumer trends.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II, it’s inevitalbet

We’re of course talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Despite the numerous criticisms the current Galaxy Note received from tech pundits ahead of its launch, it went on to be a sales success with over 5 million units sold in 5 months. Now with AT&T users already able to get their hands on one and many other waiting for the Sprint / Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note (Journal) variant to launch, it appears to be a lot more popular than the Samsung Galaxy S2 already. So it goes without saying that Samsung will without a doubt launch a successor to the Galaxy Note ala Galaxy Note II.

Now Samsung has been known to release multiple variants of its devices (just count how many Galaxy S2-like variants there are on the market). What they have in common is that they generally share the updated architecture and screen technology with some minor differences. The same can be said about the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note. So it is safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will take from the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Exynos quad-core processor, Super AMOLED display, Wireless charging, host of software tweaks), and couple it with what its loved for – large screen, advanced stylus support.

I personally have high expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Given that the current Note was Samsung’s first attempt at a tablet/phone hybrid with advanced capacitive capabilities, they would have worked out a lot more kinks since then and also stumbled upon other possibilities. If the Samsung Galaxy S3 manages to hit US stores sometime in June/July as Samsung Mobile US hints, then we can see that it is 2 months ahead of the Galaxy S2 (US release date was September last year). So if anything, the Samsung Galaxy Note II could also move forward to the fall instead of a winter launch.

Given that all the flagship smartphones we’ve seen rumored to date appear to be rivaling the Samsung Galaxy S3 (e.g. iPhone 5, Motorola DROID RAZR HD, Sony Hayabusa, etc), the ‘phablet’ market looks untouched. Would you be interested in a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or do you think massive smartphones like it are just a fad. Sound off in the comments below.

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