HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Note: Size Does Matter

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note being older than the HTC One X, its aged hardware isn’t enough for the HTC One X to win the battle hands down. Check out the first part of our comprehensive review which pits both of AT&T’s top Android smartphones, the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note, against each other.

Samsung Galaxy Note vsHTC One X (Part I)

Now if you’re can’t make up your mind as to which smartphone to get then here is a quick rundown of where the Samsung Galaxy Note still stands as king despite its age. So if you’re into the Galaxy Note and want a reason to pick it over the newer Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich One X, this should do it:

Larger display, higher resolution: Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Note have a 13 percent bigger display but its resolution is also 12 percent higher(800×1280 versus the 720×1280.

Better for video calls: While both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Note have front-facing cameras, the Note has a 2MP while the One X sits at 1.3MP. Now if you make video calls frequently then you know just how judge of a difference this means.

Expandable storage: While the Sprint variant (HTC EVO 4G LTE) has a microSD card slot, the HTC One X doesn’t. The Galaxy Note on the other hand does which is important when you’re shooting all those 1080p HD videos and wish to leave them on your phone for playback (it has a HD screen after all with 5.1 sound via earphones).

Battery is removable: The HTC One X not only has a smaller battery than the Samsung Galaxy Note (1,800mAh vs 2,500mAh) but is is also not removable. So if you’re a power user, this is a big plus on the Galaxy Note.

In addition to these merits, the Samsung Galaxy Note also comes with a stylus. Now many users would consider the S-Pen outdated but the intuitive apps for it show otherwise. In addition to the Samsung-built apps, you can search for the keywords ‘Samsung Galaxy Note’ in the Google Play Store to find many more apps that take advantage of the Note’s stylus. You will be surprised by the capability of a couple of these, especially if you are in the design industry.

Stay tuned for after the weekend when we change the perspective and explore where the HTC One X trumps the Samsung Galaxy Note in Part II of our review of both smartphones.

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