$399 ‘New’ iPad 2 Has Better Battery Life Than Original, How To Know Which You Bought?

With the release of the New iPad ‘3’, Apple went ahead and marked down its predecessor, the iPad 2, to $399. Now earlier this week we discussed how buying an iPad 2 was still a good idea if you were satisfied with the display and didn’t need LTE or a better camera. Now, you can add another reason to the list.

‘New’ iPad 2 apparently has better battery life previous models

Already boasting better battery life than the New iPad 3, the current batch of iPad 2 units are apparently more longer lasting that the iPad 2 from last year. A recent chip teardown reveals that Apple is using a revised version of its A5 processor that has been built on the 32nm Samsung High-K + Metal Gate process. This chip is capable of a smaller process which theoretically leads to improved battery life. The folks over at TNW explain:

“The importance of a smaller process for an SoC lies primarily in battery life. As we’ve explored, the battery is one of the biggest limiters of new technology being included in Apple’s future products. Using the smaller, lower-power process will give the next iPhone an edge in battery life.”

How to know if you have the New iPad 2 with better battery life or not?

Now if you happened to have picked up an iPad 2 in the past weeks, you must be wondering if you got the improved version or the original model.  Well if your iPad 2 came with iOS 5.0.1 on it out of the box, it’s the older iPad 2. If it came with iOS 5.1 then you got the version with the revised chip.

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