Uncharted 4 Release Date Is Likely Charted For 2015

Naughty Dog the people behind Uncharted have said that they think it’s doubtful that Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2 will arrive this year. This was said after Eric Monacelli, the community strategist answered a question aimed at him by a fan on PS Blog.

The Uncharted series has been very successful on the PlayStation as an exclusive and Naughty Dog has made a decent living from the series. Recently Uncharted for the PS4 was announced by way of a very brief and mysterious teaser, but this was about the only information gamers were given about the game apart from slivers of information from motion capture actors who Tweeted photos of themselves in the studio.

Monacelli also said that The Last of Us: Left Behind would be the only single player DLC to be released for the game.

Gamers will know that in the past Uncharted games have been released every two years. The first arrived in 2007, the follow up in 2009, then 2011 and 2013. This does suggest that it will be 2015 before we see the arrival of Uncharted 4.

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