Pokebank US & UK Release Date Distress

Nintendo has left fans of Pokemon in the US and Europe very puzzled as they cannot work out what Nintendo are up to.

The release of PokeBank in December was tragic and Nintendo were left apologising and asking fans of the Pokemon game to show patience. A month later and Nintendo remains quiet about PokeBank.

It was said that the PokeBank has been re-released from earlier this week but to the Japanese market only. The rest of the world cannot get over the fact that it has taken Nintendo a month to re-release PokeBank.

The launch faults are understandable but fans cannot understand why they have been left waiting for a month for it to be re-released as it was said the issue was down to server outages.

It also seems that fans don’t like the fact that Nintendo have sided with Japanese gamers. But some have pointed out that it was Japan who kept Nintendo alive some years back so it is only right for them to get it first.

The wait could mean that the servers got a much needed upgrade and overhaul and maybe Nintendo are controlling traffic to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen again. This could be an explanation as to why the developer has chosen to release PokeBank from region to region once again.

Nintendo hasn’t given any official explanation about their doings but it isn’t the PokeBank that has issues now, it seems it is Nintendo as they have failed to talk to fans and keep them updated outside of Japan.

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