Resident Evil 7: Its Horror Or The Highway

Just weeks after Capcom revealed Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 was announced. Resident Evil 6 had been a bit of a let-down for fans as gone was the horror touch and in came a game that was more along the lines of Call of Duty.

It wasn’t long before Capcom became aware that fans weren’t happy with the game and they did drop out hints that Resident Evil 7 would be restored to its roots. The developer said that they had come to realise that the game series has been successful thanks to the terror it brought to gamers.

The protagonist in Resident Evil has developed along with the series from being a rookie cop to becoming one of the world’s most important people. This leads fans of the series to wonder how he will develop further when Resident Evil 7 arrives with another epidemic of evil.

Capcom said that Resident Evil 7 will offer gamers new features and possibilities, so fans are hoping that they have taken two steps back and then gone forward in the development of Resident Evil 7.

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