Resident Evil 7 Needs To Take A Step Back To Move Into The Future

Just weeks following the release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom made it known that they were working on the development of Resident Evil 7. Fans of the Resident Evil series had been very disappointed when they played RE6 and they likened it to playing Call of Duty, a game with plenty of action but very little horror.

Capcom are fully aware of all the criticism that Resident Evil 6 got and they have dropped out hints that Resident Evil 7 could go back to its roots and have the chilling element to it. Capcom said that they had come to realise that the success of the game had been down to the terror element.

The protagonist in Resident Evil have developed from a rookie cop to being one of the world’s most important people and it does make you wonder how he will develop in Resident Evil 7 to once again overcome an evil epidemic.

Capcom said that Resident Evil 7 will arrive with brand new features along with possibilities, which should take the game back to its status as being one of the best action/horror games ever.

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