Pokemon Z Speculation Run Rife Of Expected New Features

There is no denying that Pokemon X & Y is the best Pokemon game yet. The franchise boasts a huge fan-base and ever since X & Y got released last year, there is no stopping the buzz that comes with it.

While the game might create an excitement like never before, few realized that there might be a third title coming soon. Like previous Pokemon generations, there were always three titles to fit the season. This can be seen with Pokemon Crystal, Emerald and Platinum. As for the X & Y, there appears to be a Pokemon Z in the making.

This upcoming title has been the topic across the blogosphere and fans are eager to try it out. Pokemon Z will take place in the same Kalos region. However, expect the many missing things in X & Y to be in Pokemon Z.

As of this moment, nothing official has been announced by Nintendo. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the fans from talking about what they want to see in Pokemon Z. We have compiled a list which reveals the most wanted features that fans are demanding in Pokemon Z.

1. More Mega evolution.
2. Move tutors.
3. Able to adjust difficulty settings before every game.
4. A reason to level up every Pokemon to 100.
5. The shopping plaza seen in Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.
6. The return of VS Seeker tool.
7. More stories on legendary Pokemon and a whole new innovated way of catching them.
8. The addition of Pokemon Contest like how it was in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.
9. Post-game storyline that will justify the need to complete the Pokedex as well as breeding Pokemon.

The ideas from the fans are great but they can all be snowballed into a single DLC for the existing X & Y. Knowing Nintendo, such a thing will never happen. The game developer rarely lingers on a single title and often moves forward. Such addition to Kalos seems likely in Pokemon Z.

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