Nintendo Prez Full Of Praises For Devs Despite Pokebank Failings

The Pokemon community has been asking for a tool that’ll let players import older games into newer games.

Nintendo has made this happen with PokeBank, which is a cloud-based storage system for these elusive creatures. Players can import them into X & Y.

However, demand for this bank caused a massive crash at eShop, and Nintendo had to take Pokebank offline until the servers were stable enough to cope with the insane demand they’ll face.

Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara said the company doesn’t expect any more crashes and that the servers will be closely monitored now that Japan and South Korea have it again.

The Poke Transporter is available for download and players will need to use it to move their Pokemon from one game to another. The transporter won’t work until the PokeBank’s up and running all over the world of course as right now fans in Asia can only enjoy the combo.

Pokemon games have evolved almost as much as the animals themselves, and Ishihara was full of praise for the developers for the way they’ve grown the game but still maintained its classic feel and style.

The goal of the game was to bring players together, and Nintendo has done this perfectly.
Nintendo will try regional releases of PokeBank as usual. The dates aren’t known yet, as the company may still be running tests for the remaining regions.

via CNN

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