Pokebank US & Euro Release May Be Dumbed Down To Keep Servers Optimal

The US Pokemon community has been in a state of discontent towards Nintendo. Ever since the tragic Pokebank launch which caused the servers to crash, the game developer has been delaying the much-anticipated application re-release.

Despite that fact, a handful of Japanese Pokemon players managed to get their hands on the Pokebank, and as of yesterday all Japan based users are able to download it again. It turns sour as the rest of the Pokemon population watches in envy as they wait for an announcement from Nintendo.

This is a common sight. After all, Nintendo often has some problem when it comes to communicating with the US players.

While some fans might wait for that announcement to come, the majority of the Pokemon community felt that they won’t be notified on the release. Such a move is predictable from Nintendo as the game developer would want to minimize as much traffic as possible to avoid a repeated horrifying scenario. A typical example was the re-release of the Pokebank for Japan yesterday. It was almost 24 hours before word broke out that it was available. In fact the original source was a Pokebank fan-based Twitter account that posted a screenshot of Pokebank being made available again.

So a surprise release might do Nintendo some good but the trouble is with the players. They will have to keep on monitoring the eShop for the Pokebank. On top of that, it is always beneficial if players can track the happenings in Japan as well. With the language barrier, it has been tough all around.

So far the Pokebank servers are holding up well to Japanese traffic. However it has just been 48 hours so we will have to wait and see as word gets around of its emergence.

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