Pokebank Euro & US Release Date Confusion

Nintendo is being bombarded with complains and criticism at the moment. Just a month ago, the Japanese game developer had made a grave error in judgement when releasing the Pokebank. The result is horrifying as it caused the eShop servers to crash.

Ever since then, Nintendo fixed the servers and gave the fans that typical corporate apology. The fans, particularly in the US and Europe, are not at all happy at not being addressed accordingly.

Things got worse when Nintendo did a surprise re-release for the Pokebank in Japan and Korea. The US and Europe Pokemon community are not only furious but confused at the same time as there has been no announcement whatsoever from the company as to when the rest of the world can expect it.

As time passes by, it became clearer. Perhaps Nintendo wanted to control the downloading traffic in a bid to prevent another crash. Since the Pokebank is already out for Japan and Korea, the US can expect to receive the application soon if not Europe first.

The re-release could only mean that the servers are upgraded and the Pokebank is thoroughly checked. That should be good news for the fans even though nothing comes out from the horse’s mouth.

Much of the anger though is not with the delay. It appears that the fans are more furious with how Nintendo failed to communicate with them. Nevertheless, Pokebank is being rolled out and this rough period for both Nintendo and fans should come to a close soon.

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