Pokebank: US & Europe Fans Watch As Japan Flaunt Their Exclusive Pokemons

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding PokeBank for Pokemon X & Y. Nintendo released it and it caused their servers to crash and took it down. Now they have gone ahead and re-released PokeBank, but only to those in Japan. They have left gamers in the US and Europe waiting to hear about a re-release in their regions.

So the question over at Reddit has been whether games in Europe and the US should get some form of compensation. This was brought up after gamers in Japan have flaunted off their exclusive Pokemon for a week now, while the rest of the world has to wait. Gamers are feeling that Nintendo have wronged them and would like them to offer comp.

However, there are some things that have to be taken into account. PokeBank was originally released on 25 but this was a limited release and there were many gamers in Japan that had to wait. One gamer pointed out that Nintendo should offer some compensation but that gamers in Japan should also be included.

It was also pointed out that a product being released first in the home country isn’t all that unusual. Things that are made in the US typically get released there first before spreading out to the rest of the world. Japan did have a release date for the game many months before the US and bear in mind that this was the first release that was world-wide. Gamers in Australia pointed out that they are generally the very last to get anything when it comes to releases. However, it does look as though Nintendo did mess up as they didn’t have their servers ready for the masses.

So the debate going on at the moment is whether or not gamers in Europe and the US should receive some type of compensation for not having access to PokeBank while gamers in Japan have had it for a week now. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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