Pokebank Re-Release: Ishihara Was Clear Quite About The Per-Region Basis Rollout

President of the Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, had recently addressed the fans on the status of the Pokebank. Just a couple of weeks ago, the company were looking to launch the much anticipated application on the eShop. That release turned into chaos when the servers crashed due to an overwhelming traffic.

Ishihara assured fans that it is the company’s top priority to make sure there won’t be a repeated incident. The servers will get the fixing they need and even some major improvements to it. The Pokemon Company will monitor the servers and ensure that a crash will never happen again.

At the moment, the Poke Transporter is available on Nintendo’s eShop. It will allow players to transfer Pokemon from one version to the latest Pokemon X & Y. However, it won’t work without the Pokebank. Despite that fact, it is best for players to download it before the release of Pokebank worldwide to avoid any hiccups in the future process.

Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Game Freak all shares the same goal and it is to unite society with a common interest and it seems like this has been achieved ever since the first Pokemon game got released.

As for the Pokebank’s re-release, nothing official is announced by the game developers. At the moment, only users in Japan have Pokebank and Ishihara’s statement explains why we don’t see it across the world yet. Let’s hope this per-region basis release moves along smoothly so the US and rest of Europe get their turns quick.

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