Pokemon Global Link Maintenance On 27th Has Pokebank Bells Ringing Again

There has been talk over on Reddit about the scheduled maintenance on Pokemon Global link and how it could mean the potential release of PokeBank everywhere else  on 27 January.

When PokeBank was firstreleased it crashed the servers it was taken down. It has since been re-released in Japan and Korea while gamers from the US and Europe wait patiently for it to be re-released in their regions. News about the scheduled maintenance which is said to affect Pokemon X & Y has caused gamers to become excited as they believe PokeBank could arrive shortly after the maintenance period.

Gamers also picked up on the news that Nintendo have also extended the free trial to 27 February, which would fall in line with the rumour that it will be released on 27 January (one month trial).

Nintendo have not announced anything regarding the re-release of PokeBank in other regions so all eyes are now on Monday 27 January and gamers have crossed their fingers that this is when PokeBank will arrive for them.

via Pokemon Global Link

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