Nintendo’s Staggered Pokebank Release & Upgrades To Avoid Crash Works

Pokemon players in the US are still waiting for the PokeBank. The recent disastrous server crash made Nintendo delay trying for the second time until the servers can handle it.

Some players in Japan had managed to get copies, so that puts them ahead of the rest of the world. Now as of last week, it is available again but only for Japan and South Korea.

The eShop lists the PokeBank as “to be confirmed” for the rest of the world. Over here in the US, players aren’t happy about the lack of schedule, especially as the company has always been a bit slow to keep them up to date.

Usually, there’s an announcement a couple of days before a release, but Pokemon players reckon there’ll be no notice just like there wasn’t one last week when Japan got it again.

This may well be to avoid a mad rush, especially as players have to race each other to get the PokeBank. Traffic will be mental as players scramble over each other and sell their grandmas to get to the Pokebank. That alone would be alone to crash the servers again even with Nintendo having upgraded.

So Nintendo might do a surprise release for the US, Australia, Europe and rest of the world, so players will need to be constantly watching the eShop so steal a march on the competition when the PokeBank opens.

It’s been 3 days since Japan and South Korea have the Pokebank, and so far no announced crashes. So the staggered release and subsequent upgrades are holding fairy well. So rumors of the US, Australia and Europe getting it by the end of this month may not be too far fetched after all. Protection Status