New GTA 5 Online Heists Can’t Be Far Away Now

GTA Online is back in the spotlight with Rockstar rolling out yet another update. Unlike previous update, fans were utterly disappointed with this one as the heist feature they have been hoping for was absent.

Game developer, Rockstar, has already made it clear that a heist DLC will arrive in 2014. As of this moment, players have to make do with a new content creator which enables them to invent their own racing competition and missions.

This new feature might look great but it sounds like an open entry for more bugs and glitches to GTA Online. However, fans trust Rockstar had considered the risk and create one that will be bug free. Above all that, the DLC is free of charge giving fans little to complain about.

Despite all that, fans are eager to rob banks with their peeps and are hoping that there will be no further delays. Rockstar is probably improving on the heist feature from single player for GTA Online.

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