New GTA 5 Online Heists Holdup May Be A Circlejerk

GTA 5’s multiplayer mode has finally gotten through what probably is its roughest period since the game’s release. Game developer, Rockstar, has stepped out of the shadows and single-handedly took out the hackers that have been plaguing the game.

Now that everything is restored to the way it was for GTA Online, Rockstar will resume their work to release a series of DLCs which was promised by the game developer. While there are many interesting ideas, fans believe that a heist DLC is top priority.

Having heist missions in GTA Online would be awesome. Players can plot out their heist mission and live that Italian Job dream with their friends. This much anticipated feature will also offer a different way to earn money instead of grinding on the same things over and over again.

Rockstar may release a DLC soon but when is still a mystery. The handfuls of honest players who are desperate for another source of income are furious with the delay. They are demanding for new DLCs to be rolled out fast.

With the hackers all prisoned in the cheater’s lobby, it is safe to assume that the next DLC will come quickly. In spite of that, the content of this upcoming DLC is unknown.

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