Mass Effect 4 Might Make Christmas A Very Happy One!

BioWare’s Mass Effect is expecting its fourth episode, and although the due date hasn’t been announced, the fans are going bonkers!

EuroGamer revealed that Mass Effect 4 will be out later this year – probably late 2014, and if not, Q1 or Q2 of 2015.

This timescale was given to us by a BioWare team member who preferred to remain anonymous, but was revealed to be Mike Gamble.

Mass Effect 4 is set to offer gamers a whole new storyline based on a new protagonist.

There might also be the opportunity to play as more races than before. We’re all sad to see Commander Shepard go, but it was his time, and he has made way for a new raft of possibilities.

This game is the game that the fans are waiting for!

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