Mass Effect 4 Beta Keeps Bioware Occupied But So Is Fan Who Rewrites History Of ME3

Mass Effect 4 is in the pipeline, and the fans can’t wait! Most players are looking forward to the arrival of the fourth episode, but one lone fan has just re-written Mass Effect 3…

Gerry Pugliese said he was really let down by the ending of Mass Effect 3 and has written a 539-page rendition of the game. Lots of other players were disappointed by the ending, but kind of moved on…

It took uber-fan Pugliese an entire year to write the new story, which involves all the aspects of the official Mass Effect 3 – scripts, scenarios, romances, enemies, powers and character classes. It even features DLCs. There are even some new ideas!

Mass Effect 3 spelled the end for Commander Shepard and his crew – BioWare has made this very clear. This beloved character left the game in a really bad way, too.

So, Pugliese set himself the task of rewriting history, and maybe improving it (obviously this is subjective). There might be a new career waiting for this guy, eh? He’s got the right sort of touch – see for yourself.

As for Mass Effect 4, it has been one month since the beta was announced so the game is well on its way.

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