Mass Effect 4 Save File Furore Gives Trilogy Deal A New Context

Bioware told us that Mass Effect 4 is in development, and the fans are going wild with anticipation. So much so that they’ve dug out their copies of the first three games and are playing them all over again while they wait.

Canny retailers have heard about this, and are selling bundled trilogies to gamers – at reduced prices – to cash in on the revival before the main event arrives.

GameFly has the best deal so far – the Mass Effect trilogy for $39.99, which works out at under $14 per game. Players who haven’t “done” Mass effect before should take advantage of deals like this.

There’s also a lot of talk about the save files and their influence on the fourth episode. There was a similar thing during the move from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3 so rumors of a save file transfer from ME3 to Mass Effect 4 are rampant.

Replaying the first three games shouldn’t cause any real problems. So if gamers get a PC copy of Mass Effect 4 they’ll be alright if the save file transfer rumors serve true. PS4 and Xbox One players are hoping that the discounted trilogy sets will be available when Mass Effect 4 comes out although we doubt that.

Mass Effect 4 will have a whole new storyline and a new protagonist. Bioware has been very definite about Commander Shepard being absent. This is about all we know so far, but we’ll find out more before the end of the year. Protection Status