Mass Effect 4 Beta Hits First Month Milestone

BioWare fans have been going wild ever since the announcement about Mass Effect 4 being in development – every day brings them closer to the fourth instalment.

Aaryn Flynn tweeted that he’d actually had a go on Mass Effect 4, making it clear that we really are just days or weeks away. He said it was beautiful, fresh and ambitious, but still distinctively Mass Effect. Sounds like he had a great time.

So, the devs are testing this new episode out, and while it’s been a month since this last announcement, there’s been no more news.

This silence leads us to believe that the game is massive, taking up many hours, which is exactly what Bioware has hinted at.

Apparently the game will have various graphics enhancements and new dynamics. This we know because it’ll run on the Frostbite engine, which has already been trialled with Dragon Age 3 to excellent results.

All this will whet the appetites of the slavering hordes, as they sit and imagine how great Mass Effect 4 will be. This game is coming to the next gen consoles, so obviously the new machines will make a big difference as well.

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