Mass Effect 4 Beta Completes A One Month Cycle

One of the most anticipated games this year, Mass Effect 4, is currently in the Beta testing stage. A recent Tweet revealed this and the fans were on a hype overdrive, knowing that Mass Effect 4 is nearing its release.

The Tweet from Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn confirmed this after making it known that he was playing the game. The general manager added that Mass Effect 4 is beautiful, ambitious, fresh and at the same time, recognisable and fun. Despite being just a Beta test, it appears that Flynn enjoyed testing out the game.

As of today, things have calmed down. Ever since Flynn revealed the Tweet, there has been no further update on the development progress. The only likely reason for this is that the developers are still testing out the game. After all, Mass Effect 4 boasts a huge landmass for players to explore which requires many hours to complete.

On another note, Mass Effect 4 will run on a brand new game engine known as Frostbite 3. It will achieve new heights in terms of graphics and gaming dynamics. Frostbite 3 was tested with Dragon age 3 and the sight of it is breath-taking.

Mass Effect 4 is scheduled for release in 2014 to the next-gen consoles. As every day passes by, we edge closer and closer to the game’s arrival.

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