Kingdom Hearts 3: Eager Fans Making Their Own Connections

Square Enix is readying itself to release Kingdom Hearts 3, the last in the series. Fans are both excited and saddened to see the end of the franchise, although it promises to end with a flourish.

Players have been driving themselves into a frenzy with brainstorming and speculation about the final game and what it might look like. Redditor PB31 had his two cents’ worth.

He reckons that the final battles between the key-blade warriors and Xenahorts are in fact mirrors of the past. Sora realised there was no chance of victory and so changed his plans by travelling back in time to the previous “final battle” to try to prevent the war. Sora may even have travelled back earlier than that to stop Xenahorts turning bad in the first place.

This time travel tells us a lot about Xenahorts, like how he was actually a key-blade wielder before breaking bad.

Because the past has been rearranged, Sora ends up finding himself on a beach, completely unaware of any wars. He hangs out with his friends, Xenahorts remains a good guy and all’s well that ends well.

This ending sounds amazing, and we might see another Kingdom Hearts game based on a new evil protagonist. Whatever lies in the future, Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming soon, so we’ll find out!

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