Kingdom Hearts 3 Speculations Kicked Up A Notch

Kingdom Hearts 3 will take the world by storm once it gets released. The third entry will end the dark speaker saga, and Xeanort.

Fans are sad to learn that there won’t be any further Kingdom Hearts game. On the other hand, they can’t wait to play what probably would be one of the greatest games be around.

As Kingdom Hearts 3 is being developed, fans have been buzzing about it. Since it is the last title in the series, some fans have shared their rendition of the game’s ending.

Redditor PB31 too jumped on this trend and gave his idea of the franchise conclusion. The user hinted on the possibility of time-travelling. Sora sees no chance of winning the final battle resulting him to travel back in time to end the fight in the last final battle. The plan to fight alongside other key-blade wielders didn’t go as planned as the protagonist approaches defeat, Sora fled to a much earlier time when Master Xenahort was about to turn evil.

Sora altered history and got sent back to present time. He woke up on the beach with no knowledge on the entire happenings. Everything was at peace with Xenahorts staying in Destiny Island and Sora having some fun time with his friends.

The entire travel will give plenty of in-depth stories regarding the Xenahorts, who were once key-blade warriors as well.

The conclusion sounds brilliant and should suffice if Square Enix were to input alternate endings.

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