Rockstar Confirms GTA 6 Has Over 400,000hrs Of Fodder Already!

It has been months since we saw GTA 5’s arrival and the game have kept players glued to their controllers until today. While the 2013 game of the year might be dubbed one of the best game ever, wait till the next sequel gets released.

President of Rockstar, Leslie Benzie, hinted that GTA 6 will be much more massive than GTA 5. During an interview with Develop, Benzie revealed that the company has 45 years’ worth of ideas waiting to materialize into a single digital title. The president added that most of the ideas will surely feature in GTA 6.

It appears that the ideas have been around for a long time and most of them will be taken at random. Just like GTA 5, the future GTA 6 will follow the same pattern where it’ll get imagined before coming to development.

Benzie revealed that GTA 5 is supposed to be bigger. The trio, Michael, Trevor and Franklin are supposed to have their own missions in separate cities. Due to limitations with the outdated consoles, such an idea failed to see the light since it needed three times more memory usage and three types of animations than the already huge GTA 5.

Now this is possible. Both Sony and Microsoft have unleashed the next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One which will able to deliver future GTA’s demands. If GTA 6 were to be in the making, it might just arrive as early as 2015.

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