GTA 5 Online Update: Rockstar Email Details Fate Of Hackers & Worried Players

Many games today have made the shift to digital gaming and one of them is GTA 5. The movement from modern video games to digital games is a positive one but the risk is clear as there is a never-ending threat from hackers.

GTA Online was a victim of a hackers’ invasion which destroyed the game’s economy. Unlimited GTA Dollars have been showering on Los Santos, gifting players millions and billions of dirty money. However, that was a month ago.

Game developer, Rockstar has stepped out of the dark and has been busy apprehending the hackers. Rockstar utilized a well-designed patch update 1.09 which secures the game while the game developer restores GTA Online back to its usual state. As for the hackers, they are detained in the cheater’s lobby and banned from the public servers.

Reddit confirms that at the moment, Rockstar is taking away all the hack money and adding more security to GTA Online in a bid to protect it from future hackings. This is confirmed with an email response from Rockstar to one of the players.

However, it is unknown on how Rockstar will remove the illegal money. Players who have received them had been on a shopping spree and are worried for their valuables.

The most likely scenario would be for the game developer to create an automatic bot that cleans up the hacked dollars based on transaction history.

All in all, it will be very soon before this happens so if you still have your mountain of gold, start investing on cars and anything else you can think off.

You can read the full email below:

You are receiving this automatic ticket update because you have an open ticket in the Rockstar Support system related to GTA Online modding, cheating, or hacking. We have received a large number of complaints over the past few weeks about cheaters gifting large amounts of GTA$ to others, setting bounty rewards outside game limits, or otherwise attempting to tamper with the GTA Online economy.

We have deployed several hotfixes to prevent this type of activity, and will be adding further cheat protection in future Title Updates as well. Players who willingly cheated to create this illegitimate influx of in-game currency have been separated out from the rest of the population and we are continuing to monitor for suspicious activity. If you were the unwilling recipient of an impossibly large amount of GTA$, you do not need to worry about us taking action against your account. However, please be aware that we will be making community-wide automatic adjustments to players’ account balances to remove the modded money. At this time, you do not need to do anything further and this ticket will resolve on its own. Thank you for contacting us to report this activity. We look forward to seeing you Online! If you believe you are receiving this message in error, or your ticket is not about GTA Online cheaters, please feel free to respond to this message and we will address your issue individually. Please note that we are not currently accepting appeals for players banned or in the Cheater Pool for transferring modded cash to others, and we are not able to remove these cash gifts on a case-by-case basis. Account balance adjustments will occur system-wide to undo these gifts. Rockstar Games.

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