GTA 5 Online: Pet Dog Ownership In 1.1 Update?

Many features from past GTA titles appear to be missing in the latest GTA 5. Nevertheless, the 2013 game of the year most certainly introduced plenty of new ones like owning a pet, performing bank heists and even robbing a store.

While they all might be fun, it is only available in the single player mode. The fans are unsure to why it got left out of GTA Online and they are very loud in calling for Rockstar to add it in the multiplayer mode.

Ever since GTA 5 first debut, fans have been buzzing on heist missions in GTA Online. They simply can’t wait to rob a bank with their friends. As the wait for a heist DLC prolongs, more features are being demanded.

It looks like the GTA community is now demanding for the rights to have a pet. This is after experiencing it when playing as Franklin which has a pet dog called Chop. If the single player can have a pet feature, so should GTA Online.

For a start, Rockstar could introduce a chain of pet stores in Los Santos. There players can purchase a pet. If the pet animal dies, the player will be penalized heavily to revive it. On top of that, there can be a pet competition in the game.

After all, Rockstar did promise the fans that a whole line of contents are queued for release. With the buzz on the highly anticipated 1.09 update, there is plenty of mystery and excitement on what new contents will be coming to GTA Online.

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