Fallout 4: Gamers May Not Want To Be Able To Tell Friend From Foe

A discussion has sparked over on Reddit about taking away the red designation in Fallout 4 and it seems that many gamers out there agree.

The user said that players should have the choice of being able to turn off the red designation for enemies and have everyone a certain colour. Gamers would then be able to roam about the Fallout 4 wasteland and not know who are enemies and who are friends, on sight. They said that this would mean better rewards along with punishments for risks.

The user gave an example of the gamer walking along and coming across a line of Legion walking some way off. It is easy enough to get the rifle out and kill them. However they could be deserters and the player would only find this out if they had taken a risk and gone closer to the group.

At the moment players know who the enemy is on sight from a distance and this takes something from the game. They also pointed out that players had more fun and there was more intrigue in the first two Fallout games when coming across people and the player didn’t know if they were friend or foe. This should be added in as an option for players.

Some players have agreed with the poster and they went on to make suggestions on how this could work. It was said that the barter system could come back into the game, NPCs could have names and there could be more of them as this would make the game more like real life. Gamers may think twice before just shooting someone in the distance if that person had a name.

via Reddit

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