Dragon Age 3 Inquisition: What’s Already Official So Far?

In November of last year, the Xbox One and PS4 arrived on the scene and with the releases came many launch titles. If you take a close look you will see that there are not many epic RPGs on either of the consoles.

Fans of role playing games don’t have to worry as we have heard that Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is coming closer to release. When it does arrive this will be the biggest and the first RPG for both next gen consoles. Some people thought that Dragon Age 2 was a bit disappointing, but trailers have led us to believe that Dragon Age 3 will offer gameplay that is more complete.

The story seems to have been built around interactivity, so gamers should get a first-hand experience as they will be able to complete the game based on their choices and actions. It has also been said that the gameplay features will compliment each other.

There has been tweaks made to the combat aspect of the game, with Bioware giving Dragon Age 3 a unique feel and emphasis is on discovery in the game. The game is to offer a large map, which gamers are encouraged to explore.

We have heard that the game will look stunning and this has led to fans being very excited about the release of Dragon Age 3, which should arrive at some point this fall.

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