Bioware’s Dragon Age 3 Updates Keeps Mass Effect 4 Fans In The Loop Too

Bioware will be looking to release two of its biggest games this year and fans can’t wait to play them on their brand new next-gen console. The game developer is in the final stages in creating Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Inqusition and with every passing second, we get closer to their arrival.

Bioware Montreal lead developer, Yanick Roy, is excited himself that he blogged about how the entire dev are putting their heart into developing Mass Effect 4. This space adventure title will run on a brand new Frostbite engine which will leave players drooling once it gets released.

The Frostbite engine was first utilized by Dragon Age 3 and the game developer is satisfied with how the game looks. At the moment, this RPG title is in its beta test stage and looks set to revolutionize the gaming experience. Dragon Age 3 will also be the first RPG title to arrive on both the Xbox One and PS4.

In addition to that, this super engine will boost Mass Effect 4 as it is able to open the doors to new possibilities. Yanick hinted that plenty of features from Dragon Age 3 is brought over to Mass Effect 4. The lead developer added that the team is exploring new directions to give Mass Effect 4 a unique experience.

The words from Roy himself managed to create a huge buzz among the fans. Both Mass Effect and Dragon Age are about to get a great sequel very soon from now.

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