2012 Ford Ranger Caught On Camera Towing 4 Rival Trucks

Ford has been known to come up with clever ways to build buzz around its upcoming models and it appears to be no different for the 2012 Ford Ranger that is expected to launch in Malaysia in a couple of months.

2012 Ford Ranger spied ahead of launch: tows Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu D-Max & Toyota Hilux simultaneously

In a stunt to show its brute towing abilities, Ford was caught on the road of Malaysia towing 4 rival trucks: Isuzu D-MAX, Mitsubishi Triton, 2011 Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux.

At first glance, the cameraman thought he was looking at a Ford F-150 given how it was easily hauling the “luggage”. However upon closer inspection it became clear that it was the upcoming Ford Ranger model.

With a five-cylinder 3.2-litre engine capable of pumping out 200 PS and 470 Nm of torque, the 2012 Ford Ranger becomes the class leader in Malaysia. A smaller engine option is also available,  2.2-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel with 150 PS and 375 Nm of torque.

The obvious PR stunt will no doubt build up quite the buzz for the upcoming launch of the 2012 Ford Ranger.

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