What The 2013 Honda Accord Will Look Like

With the next-generation Honda CRV already unveiled and expected to go on sale in the next few months, all eyes were on Honda’s next biggest seller, the Accord. The 9th generation Honda Accord is expected to hit the market in 2013 and Honda has gone ahead and teased what to expect from the upcoming sedan.

2013 Honda Accord designed teased at Detroit Auto Show

Earlier this week, Honda unveiled the Accord Coupe Concept at the Detroit Auto Show. While just a concept, the model was designed to show off the styling direction for the next generation Honda Accord as well as some technologies we can expect to see on Honda vehicles in the next year.

According to Honda, while the Accord Coupe will keep the same dimensions in its 2013 variant, the 2013 Accord sedan will feature a smaller exterior footprint and reduced weight for “more responsive handling and improved driving dynamics.” However before you get disappointed by the smaller dimensions, Honda adds that both the Sedan and Coupe will keep the same interior cabin dimensions.

Under the hood, the 2013 Honda Accord will get 3 new powertrains as well. We’re talking about a 2.4-lite four cylinder model, a hybrid, and the V6 Accord. The base 2.4-litre variant will be capable of 181hp and 240Nm of torque, which is more than the current model and economical as well.

Well enough chatter, check out the video below for a peak at what the 2013 Honda Accord will look like.

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