GM Produces Fix For Fiery Chevrolet Volt Battery Packs

General Motors executives had announced late yesterday that they have developed a fix to a design flaw which caused several Chevrolet Volt battery packs to catch fire sometime after government safety tests.

Brief: GM announces fix for Chevrolet Volt battery packs which will provide extra safety from catching fire in the event of a collision. The free fix will be available at Chevrolet dealerships starting next month.

Chevrolet Volt burning battery pack issue gets a fix

According to the source, GM will reinforce the steel enclosure of the battery pack to prevent it from being punctured during an accident. It will also include a new sensor on the battery pack which will monitor any coolant leakage.

GM is not calling the fix a product recall but instead a voluntary “customer satisfaction program” with the purpose of making the Chevrolet Volt “even safer.” This of course should give the close to 9,000 Chevrolet Volt owners some relieve, says GM global product chief Mary Barra at a conference call yesterday.

Volt owners can drive their hybrids into a Chevrolet dealership in order to get the free fix starting February. Simultaneously, the Volt’s European cousin, the Opel Ampera, will be receiving the same fix. Protection Status