Chrysler Confirms Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee In The Works

As surprising as it may seem given Chrysler’s European connections, the Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t offered in a diesel variant Stateside.

Brief: Chrysler to offer diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2013 as well as employ an additional 1,300 workers in its Jefferson North assembly plant in order to introduce a third shift.

2013 Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee reintroduces diesel option after 5 year hiatus

That is going to change in 2013 after Chrysler spokesman Todd Goyer confirmed a diesel Grand Cherokee will be making its return to the North American market in 2013. Last offered back in 2008, the discontinuation of the diesel variant here in the US was linked to poor sales figures.

Chrysler has also stated that it would be adding 1,100 workers as part of a plan to add a third shift at its Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit next year. This factory is appointed to manufacturing and assembling the Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as the Dodge Durango. It is also cued to assemble the highly anticipated Maserati Kubang, the Italian brand’s first SUV which will make its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of days. Protection Status