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Volkswagen Golf R vs Ford Focus RS: Who Will Maintain?

We don’t think we need to introduce the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS anymore. Both have their own fans, and both are undeniably great cars. The question is, which of the cars can maintain their value after three years?

Putting aside the Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, no one knows what is the value of the Volkswagen Golf R in the next three years. Right now, the 2012 Vokswagen Golf R is worth $25, 000 with $10, 000 drop in price.

Apart from that, there are rumors saying that Ford will make the Ford Focus RS a limited edition model. Because no more models will be offered, it is said that the model will be able to retain a good value after three years.

If Ford continues with the plan, then Ford Focus RS is probably going to be the winner here, and not the Volkswagen Golf R.

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