Top 5 Cars & SUVs Of 2014

We are already a week into 2015 and it is going to be an exciting time ahead for car enthusiasts. After all, many great vehicles are being tipped to arrive this year. Even so, we have yet to wrap up 2014 and today, we are going to do just that by listing the best 5 cars and SUVs from last year. They are as follow:

1. Ford F-Series
Be it the F-150 or any other trucks from Ford, the F-Series was named as the most profitable line of vehicles in the US for last year. In figures, Ford managed to sell about 753,851 units of the F-Series throughout the 365 days period.

2. Chevrolet Colorado
Coming in second place is the Chevrolet Colorado as it racked up 529,755 units sold.

3. Toyota Camry
Next on the list is the mid-size sedan from Toyota as it managed to land on 428,606 different garages last year. This is not surprising as the Camry is reliable, fuel efficient and a cheap alternative to continental sedans.

4. Nissan Altima
While it might be technically, slightly better than the Toyota Camry, the Altima sits in fourth place due to its less appealing design, which caused its sales to remain stagnant at 335,644 units.

5. Ford Fusion
The Fusion received a lot of love from the masses due to its EcoBoost engine and splendid design. Thus, this simply explains how the Fusion managed to bag 306,860 buyers.

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