The Honda Version Of The Porsche Panamera

Let’s face the facts. If Porsche are to produce cheap cars in the future, it will automatically be a bestseller. Then again, this does not look like happening as the Porsche is a full-fledged luxury carmaker.

Despite that fact, Porsche is not immune from making mistakes and their biggest one is with the Panamera. The vehicle has so much to offer but it is unfortunate that it is designed poorly. On the contrary of things, those who love the Panamera but can’t afford it can opt for the Honda Crosstour.

The car has just been refreshed with a facelift model earlier this year but it still kept the awkward design intact. Looks aside, the Crosstour is powered by a V6 mill that produces a whopping 280hp. Sure enough, the Crosstour is not a joke and it is a serious performer when on the road.

On the downside of things, the transmission has been really jerky and irresponsive. It doesn’t help upon learning that the Crosstour runs on the AWD system.

In conclusion, we feel that the Crosstour is a hopeless car that consumers should stay away from. Yes, it may be affordable to own one but the Crosstour overall parts, specs and design is a big disaster in our books.

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