The Eminem Cadillac Concept Car Is Top Prize At Facebook!

Fans of the Cadillac and also fans of international artist Eminem has been flocking on Facebook as they hope to be the lucky winner in the Eminem Cadillac giveaway. Unfortunately, nobody is going to win it at all as the giveaway is merely a hoax.

This can be proven just by looking at the prize itself. The Cadillac model owned by Eminem is nothing more than a concept car, thus, it is not street legal. Giving it away to a random fan will only cause more issues for both Eminem and the lucky winner. Besides, things will surely become problematic if the winner is from the other side of the world, with no valid driver’s licences and a garage.

If that is not enough to prove that the giveaway is a hoax, then participants should at least note on where the contest was held. No, there is nothing wrong with it taking place at Facebook. The mistake is that Eminem is giving the Cadillac away to an unofficial fan page that boasts 622,000 Likes. If the giveaway is going to happen, Eminem will surely do it at his official fan page where there are over 97 million Likes.

With that being said, there is no doubt that the contest is a hoax. Eminem and Cadillac fans should not be let down by this but instead, take it as a learning lesson.

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