Tesla Model X vs Regular S: What’s The Changes?

The Model S is the only Tesla vehicle that was built from scratch by the Californian carmaker and it was considered as a success in the automotive industry. Now, Tesla is at it again as they are about to launch the all-new Model X.

Similar to the S, the upcoming vehicle is going to run on an electric motor, which is what the company is all about. As of today, there are more than 10,000 individuals that have registered their interest for the Tesla Model X.

For those that are new to Tesla, the Model X isn’t going to be anything like the S. The former is a 7-seater SUV while the latter is basically a sedan. In detail, the Model X runs on the AWD architecture and comes with high ground clearance along with a large interior.

Segment aside, the Model X will still run on the same electric engine with the Model S. Since it is larger and heavier than the latter, we can assume that the Model X is going to be slightly slower yet more expansive than the Model S.

Another detail on the Model X worth looking at is the falcon wing doors. This means that the doors are opened upwards as Tesla aims to ease the access to the third row seats. While it might be stylish, there are its disadvantages like the space which the doors needed to operate on.

All in all, the Model X is sure going to come with its own brand of complains when the vehicle gets released in an unknown near future. There is a lot of potential for the electrified SUV but similarly, there are a lot of doubts on whether Tesla is able to offer something extraordinary here.

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