Suzuki Swift Safety Intentions In Doubts After India Release

The latest Suzuki Swift is currently one of the best hatchbacks around as it offers great power and competitive fuel economy, all while being stylish at the same time. However, the Suzuki Swift is not recommended at all for car junkies in India.

Apparently, this is because the Swift exhibits poor safety ratings in the country. This is confirmed by Global NCAP when they performed a test on India’s Suzuki Swift and discovered that the car only achieved one star out of a possible five.

Following the test, Global NCAP described the Suzuki Swift in India as a car that “demonstrates a high risk of life-threatening injuries with zero-star safety rating for their adult occupant protection.”

This cannot be helped as the Suzuki Swift in India is not offered with airbags as standard. Suzuki has already responded to the results by claiming that the Swift was produced in a way to make it affordable, while also complying to India’s minimum safety requirements which is redundant.

Then again, the fault is still with Suzuki as they aim at making money, not saving lives. If Suzuki are really concerned about making safe vehicles, they wouldn’t mind about the business aspect of things and sell the Swift like how they do everywhere else in the world.


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