Suzuki Swift Is Hazardous To One’s Health!

The latest Suzuki Swift is considered to be a masterpiece by many hatchback lovers. Aside from being stylish, the Swift is also powerful with its performance. If you’re living in India however, the Swift is the last vehicle you should get.

Global NCAP has confirmed that the latest Swift offered in India is nothing more than a moving death trap. In an announcement made earlier today, the car managed a miserable 1-star out of a possible 5-star. The safety organization described the Swift as, “a high risk of life-threatening injuries with zero-star safety rating for its adult occupant protection.”

In detail, the Suzuki Swift in India, or better known as the Maruti Suzuki Swift, showed signs of collapsing in a crash and was rated as unstable as well. There isn’t any airbag in the car, which is worrying to say the least.

Then again, it is wrong to put the blame on Suzuki entirely. The Indian government is also at fault for not setting up a safety standard for vehicles in the great nation.


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