SUVs To Avoid Next Year: Jeep Dominates The List

SUVs are the trending segment in the automotive world due to their reliability and durability. However, not every SUV are great with their offerings. Here are some SUVs we highly discourage from purchasing.

1. Jeep Compass
It is hard to understand on the purpose of the Compass. The vehicle is so akin to the Jeep Renegade except for the fact that its design is messed up. Clearly, this is something consumers should stay away from.

2. Jeep Patriot
This vehicle is a disaster in every way. It is underpowered and is equipped with a CVT transmission that does not help improve fuel efficiency at all.

3. Jeep Cherokee (2.4L Model)
Please, stay away from this one. If consumers really want a Cherokee, at least save up to get the V-6 variant instead. The 2.4L is miserable in performance.

4. Volvo XC-90
Until Volvo launches the next-gen XC-90, consumers should refrain from buying the vehicle. Yes, the specs might have improved over the years but not the design. Why pay so much for something so old?

5. Range Rover Evoque
What is there not to like about the Evoque? It is stylish and powerful. Well, the answer is reliability. It is confirmed that once a mechanical part goes awry, it will affect other parts thus, leaving the Evoque at the workshop for most of the time.

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