Samsung Galaxy S6: Thar She Blows!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 arrival next year is inevitable. Just after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, rumours have gone rife in suggesting on the functions and features coming with the S6. Then again, fans need to understand that Samsung normally puts out a series of prototype before deciding on the right specification for the S6.

The safest assumption the world can make right now is the fact that the S6 is going to be a magnitude better than the previous S5. It will sport better display, processor, cameras and battery life. Also, there is a chance that it will come with the curved display like how it was for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

In detail, the S6 is rumoured to come equipped with a double-sided curved display instead of it being only on one side like the Note Edge. Also, every different rumours and leak have one common belief and it is that Samsung will be designing the Galaxy S6 from scratch instead of improving the styling of the S5.

As for the device’s release date, consumers can expect it to come any time before June 2015. This is if the Galaxy S6 is to repeat the same release period patterns as its predecessors. Last year alone, the S4 was unveiled at the MWC and the same happened for the S5 this year. The S6 might just pick up the same pattern.

The above are considered as nothing more than a certainty without details. The latter, together with the full specs and figures will surely be announced when the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets unveiled. Let’s hope for that to happen in MWC next year.

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