Rumored Ford Bronco Looking Like The Jeep Renegade

Many rumours are indicating that the Bronco will be re-created and it will be part of Ford’s 2015 line-up. The once great vehicle that was discontinued two-decades ago has always been an iconic name in its segment and car junkies can’t wait to see the Bronco gets released.

On the downside of things, this upcoming vehicle won’t exactly be called the Bronco. The rumours are now saying that it will be known as the Ford Troller instead. The latter has already been released in South America and it arrived with many features of the old Bronco.

However, the upcoming Troller will be getting a new framework. The word is that the new chassis will have a Jeep-like structure since it fits well with the 4WD system. Now the bigger question is, will the recreated Bronco be a compact or large vehicle?

With the compact segment gaining more sales, Ford might as well stick to it. The American carmaker will surely take some notes from the Renegade to give the Bronco a nice design that will appeal to the masses.

Of course, these are all based on rumours and are best taken with a pinch of salt. 2015 is a month away from now and Ford will surely feedback on it to confirm if it is true or false.


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