Rumored Ford Bronco Draws Inspiration From Jeep Renegade, Not Wrangler

Even though Ford has ceased the production of the Bronco since the start of the second millennium, it failed to stop the car junkies from continuously hoping for the SUV to make a return.

Although there isn’t any official word on the Bronco being redeveloped, there are a lot of speculations that suggest Ford is producing the next-gen Bronco for their MY2015 line-up.

Some rumours claim that the Bronco will be based on the latest Ford T4 Troller that was recently released in South America. The word is that Ford is producing a new chassis frame to make this possible.

On the other hand, the latest rumours claim that Ford is planning to give the Bronco a total makeover. The vehicle will have a Jeep-like structure and chassis to compliment the 4WD system. Of course, this will lead to a debate on whether Ford will result in a compact Bronco or a mid-size Bronco.

If it is the former, then the design will surely be inspired by the Jeep Renegade. If it is a mid-size vehicle, Ford will surely take some notes from the Jeep Wrangler. The again, Ford will surely result to a gentle, stylish and consumer friendly design, thus, making the Renegade an ideal inspiration.

As of this moment, the status of the next-gen Bronco remains a mystery so it is best to take the above with a pinch of salt. If there is one thing the rumours have in common, it is the suggestion that the Bronco will arrive next year. Well, 2015 is a month away now and we will soon see if the rumours are right.

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