Polaris Slingshot Banned In Texas Over Classification Stir-Up!

Polaris has completed the production of the Slingshot but the carmaker is apparently facing some trouble in launching the vehicle. It appears that Texas has declared the Slingshot as an illegal vehicle in the state.

The local governing body revealed that they couldn’t classify the Slingshot. The vehicle simply blurs the line between a car, motorcycle, ATV and go-kart, which happens to be an issue for Texas. The governing body tried to register it as a motorcycle but the Polaris has no saddle seat to be eligible.

The banning caught Polaris and the automotive world by surprise. After all, Texas isn’t a stranger to three-wheeled vehicles after the state allowed the entry of the Campagna Motors T-Rex and Morgan Three-Wheeler.

At the moment, both Polaris and the Texas State Government are working out on a solution for the issue.

Meanwhile, fans of the Polaris that are residing in the far south county will have to wait a while before they can experience the the Slingshot’s 2.4L Ecotec 4-cylinder engine that generates 173hp and 166ft-lbs of torque.